Presidents Message

Don Leslie, ASLA (President)

Fall Is My Favorite Time Of The Year


What may be the most enjoyable thing that I have enjoyed about living in Utah is the four distinct seasons that we are offered here, with fall being my favorite season, by far.


In typical David Letterman format, enjoy another round of what our State and the surrounding area has to offer.


  1. Baseball and the Playoffs (Let’s. Go. Red Sox!).red sox
  1. Fall = Football, right? If you haven’t been to the newly renovated Stadium, you need to.  It’s a great venue.  Go Aggies!USU


  1. About as good of a view from the Season Opener with the new stadium.USU 2


  1. Get out and see the fall colors. We had a trip up to Wyoming and hit the colors at the right time.Fall


  1. Getting out to Antelope Island (when the bugs aren’t biting) is a great day trip. How often do you get to see free range Bison so close to Salt Lake City?antelope


  1. Arches National Park. When the temperatures start to drop up in Salt Lake, Moab can be a place you can have nice weather all the way through December.arches


  1. Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area. During the fall migration, you see a lot of ducks and geese, but if you spend more time, you get lucky to see something a bit different.  One of my favorite little falcons around.bird


  1. Grand Canyon National Park. Sunrise is special. After school starts, the crowds diminish a lot.grand canyon


  1. Get out and try a new restaurant, while the weather is still nice to enjoy sitting outside. Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade in Salt Lake was a great new



  1. Get those New Year’s Resolutions finished up before the end of the year!don

(photos by Don Leslie, ASLA)

(cover photo is from Don’s hometown)