“Park”ing Day 2018


What is "Park"ing Day?  Click here for more info.   Utah ASLA will be hosting Park(ing) Day in downtown SLC on Friday, September 21st We're looking for 10-20 volunteers to do 2 things: #1.  Participate in a design collaboration to design the parklets on Thurs. August 30th, 11:45-1:00 PM at The Pie Hole 344 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111  (lunch provided by ASLA Utah).   #2. Participate in the setup/breakdown of the parklets on September 21st and then pick an hour to hang out at the Park(ing) Day event. If you're interested please Contact Jake Young, lotojake@gmail.com **Utah ASLA has obtained permitting and is hosting 3 parking stalls, with 2 specific themes: "Find Your Park" and "Water Conservation".  The parking stalls will be next to each other.  The third parking stall will be used by a rotating assortment of food trucks throughout the day.
Lets work together and get creative and make it fun!

  • September 21, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm