2017 Call for Award Entries

2017 Utah ASLA Professional Awards Program


2017 Awards Entry Form

The Utah Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects is pleased to issue a formal call for entries for the 2017 Utah ASLA Awards Program.

Participation in the awards program helps to broaden professional boundaries, increase public awareness of the role of landscape architects, raise the standards of the discipline, and bring recognition to organizations and individuals who demonstrate superior skill in the practice or study of landscape architecture. A jury of qualified out-of-state professionals will review each submittal and determine winners in each award category.

Winners will receive their awards and be honored by having their work presented Friday, April 21st, 2017, at the Utah ASLA 2017 Annual Meeting at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah. Award-winning projects will be featured in upcoming ASLA chapter newsletters, on the UASLA website, and could be used for displays promoting the profession.

Entries are due by 5:00 pm Friday, February 24, 2017.

2017 Awards Entry Form

Previous Awards Winners

2016 Merit Award: Designing a Vision for the Future of the Boise Bench
2016 Honor Award: doTerra World Wide Headquarters
2016 Award of Excellence: Digital Library of Landscape Architecture History
2016 Honor Award: Sugar House Monument & Plaza
2016 Merit Award: Provo City Center Temple
2016 Honor Award: Snyderville Residence
2016 Merit Award: Park City Residence
2016 Merit Award: Southern Cache Valley: Preparing for Growth
2016 Merit Award: DXATC Masterplan
2016 Merit Award: Green River Marketing, Branding and Design Action Plan



You may submit entries under one of the following categories. The jury may change the category of an entry in the judging process.


Communication Awards recognize original documents or tools of communication, which clearly convey information, technology, theory, or aspects of practice to those inside and/or outside the profession. This category may include text publications, exhibits, video, or other multi­media presentations. The landscape architect must have been directly involved in the preparation of the communication document or tool.


Design Awards recognize site-specific constructed works of landscape architecture where physical design, functional success, and aesthetic quality were the primary considerations. The landscape architect must have provided a full range of design and construction related services on the project.

Paper Landscape Architecture

Paper Landscape Architecture Awards recognize unrealized projects that propose innovative, visionary, or thought provoking solutions to landscape architectural problems. Projects in this category may include real projects that remain un­built due to circumstances beyond the control of the landscape architect or projects that explore alternative ways of thinking about landscape architecture

Planning and Analysis

Planning and Analysis Awards recognize large-scale town, community, or regional plans that may lead to or guide subsequent site-specific design work, but do not include such work themselves. The landscape architect must have provided services central to process of the submitted project.


Research Awards recognize original findings or solutions to problems of value to the profession. Submittals must provide evidence of an acceptable methodology that identifies, examines, researches, and provides a conclusion in the subject matter. The landscape architect must have been the sole researcher, the director of a research team, or a partner in a research team to be eligible to submit work in this category.

Residential Design

Residential Design recognizes site-specific works of landscape architecture for residential use. Professional entries in this category must be built. Typical entries include: single or multi­family residential projects; activity areas for cooking, entertaining, recreation, or relaxation; sustainable landscape applications; new construction or renovation projects; historic preservation, rehabilitation, or restoration; affordable landscape concepts and innovations; small site development; private gardens; rooftop gardens; and more.

Student Work

Student Work Awards recognize original student work completed in the pursuit of a degree in landscape architecture from an accredited university program. Individual and team projects may be submitted. Team projects require the permission and sponsorship of all team members.



The awards jury may grant the following awards:

Award of Excellence

The jury may grant one (1) Award of Excellence to an entry from any awards category that represents unparalleled advancement of the profession of landscape architecture.

Honor Award

The jury may grant one (1) Honor Award per category to entries that represent outstanding accomplishment in the profession of landscape architecture.

Merit Award

The jury may grant any number of Merit Awards per category to entries that represent superior accomplishment in the profession of landscape architecture.



Entries in each category will be evaluated on the clarity of the submittal, the significance of the work to the profession of landscape architecture, and the overall quality of the work. The clarity of each submittal will be evaluated based on the success of the submittal in communicating the objectives of the project and the success of the project in meeting those objectives.

The significance of the work to the profession will be evaluated based on the importance of the project in advancing the reputation, standards, and/or boundaries of landscape architecture. The quality of the work will be evaluated on the highest standards of professional practice within each category and in comparison to other entries in the same category.



Any individual, firm, or agency performing work within the state of Utah at the time the project was executed is eligible to enter. Projects that have received an award from previous Utah Chapter ASLA Awards Programs are not eligible for submittal. Projects previously entered that have not yet received awards may be resubmitted.



Complete the Official 2017 Entry Form and along with all the required attachments.  Visit the Utah ASLA website here for the 2017 Awards Entry Form  and submission requirements.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE                                                                                                                                                                   

Entries are due by 5:00 pm Friday, February 24, 2017. Submission materials may only be submitted on CD or thumb drive in person or by mail. Send or drop-off entries to:

Nate Ferguson

208 E 800 S

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

2017 Awards Entry Form  Submissions must not exceed 12MB.




Nate Ferguson, 2017 Awards Chair, Vice President Membership 

801.746.4457/ NFerguson@epgllc.com